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800-245-6042 (Toll-Free)

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Dell, Americas No.1 brand and choice of millions all over the globe. It is robust, affordable, user friendly, and reliable piece of printing machine. It is used tremendously by the US Defense forces for its robustness. It has also find its place in other sectors, like colleges, hospitals, big corporates, home, and small offices. Being a mechanical device, sometime it breaks down. It could be a software or a hardware issue. Here, you need some professional expertise to make your printer up and running.

Some of the common issues are taking longer to print and scan. No black print or color print, Spooler error, printer offline, communication error, printer not available. It’s likely to makes us frustrated. And it makes us more frustrated when we have to search the phone numbers for the support team and then wait in long ques. Its time you leave all your all stress on us. Every time you call us for support, you needn’t wait, we have zero wait time. With our specialized services, we will make sure your printer never stops printing.

We believe customer satisfaction (CS) is the starting point of all corporate activities, and that it is essential to know what the customer expects and wants in order for us to reach higher levels of CS. When you receive support from our Printer Support team, we will ensure your issue resolution. We put our efforts with to get the issue fixed. So, leave your worry on us and lets work together to make better day.

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Commons Problems With Dell Printer !

Printer Won't Print in Black

Check estimated ink level, Replace low or empty ink cartriges, Check Ink cartriges are properly sealed, Clean print head.

Printer Offline

Make sure USB or Ethernet cable or wireless model are connected. Make sure you have install correct printer drive in computer .

Faded or Fuzzy Black Text

The black text in a printout is faded or fuzzy. The black text can not apper as clear as expected. The issue might only appear on one end of line of text rather than throughtout the entire block of text.

dell printer help & Support number

Getting Printer Spooler error

Printer spooler might become corrupt or the printer spooler service may fail, resulting in failed printer jobs. You need to reset the printer spooler service and clean its contents

Missing or Failed Printhead

Missing or Failed printhead error message display on printer control panel and the printer does not print. An unlatched or improperly sealed printhead cause this error.

Printer Won't connect to Wifi

It happened when printer wireless is not turn on or you have entered incorrect network information in the printer.

Warranty Extension Benefits

  • Our Extended warranty covers your device after the general warranty gets over for the product.
  • We will ensure your problem resolution.
  • A service plan gives you a complete peace of mind.
  • An extended warranty is a safegaurd againest unexpected problems.
  • Our extended warranty also helps you save money.
  • Selfhome-standing

    Dell-Printer Diagnose On Windows Upgrade
    1. Search Windows for Windows update and install.
    2. Run Scan and Print doctor.
    3. Make sure printer is set to default.
    4. Uninstall printer driver and software.
    5. Reinstall printer driver and software.
    Dell-Printer Diagnose Strange or Garbled Characters Print
    1. Cancel print jobs.
    2. Check printer default.
    3. Print from another program.
    4. Check the connection.
    5. Reset printer.
    Dell-Printer Diagnose Offline Printer Message
    1. Check printer driver.
    2. Perform power reset and check connection.
    3. Run Scan and Print doctor.
    4. Make sure printer set to online.
    5. Check printer port.
    Dell-Printer Diagnose Print Won't Connect Wirelessly
    1. Check printer connected to wirelessly.
    2. Reconnect printer to your wireless network.
    3. Check network configuration page.
    4. Reset printer and reconnect.
    5. Assign the printer IP address.
    Dell-Printer Diagnose Print Job Stuck in Queue
    1. Check printer is paused or offline.
    2. Delete print que and restart.
    3. Run Scan and Print doctor.
    4. Reinstall printer driver.
    5. Temporarily disable firewall.
    Dell-Printer Diagnose Network Scanner Connection Lost
    1. Check scanner driver.
    2. Reconnect scanner to your wireless network.
    3. Check network configuration page.
    4. Run print and scan doctor.
    5. Uninstall and reinstall scanner driver.


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